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My Second Year in Amsterdam (so far)

It’s raining outside and I feel like writing again. Only a month has passed since I got back to Amsterdam but it feels like forever. My circumstance has changed a lot which forces me to change as well. Normally, I’d start to get nostalgic and turn to the comfort of the past but this time, […]

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Reflecting on my 1st Semester in Amsterdam

I’m currently sitting in my 2nd semester introduction class. The teacher is telling us what we should achieve by the end of this first year as a fashion student, asking us to think and question ourselves why we’re here, at Amsterdam Fashion Institute; do we have what it takes for the industry?; do we have enough knowledge and […]

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My Favourite Cafes

I’m a walking bottle of nostalgia. I always keep with me memories from random places that I frequent; and the majority of those places are cafe. Of all the cafes I’ve been to, the ones in my hometown always got my heart. I still recall many early summer mornings, sitting alone, drinking freshly grounded coffee in a cozy corner; I remember glancing out the window down […]

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