Welcome to Psithuria!

You might be wondering what Psithuria means. I love collecting words in different languages that are rarely used in daily life but utterly beautiful. Psithuria is a form that I made up of the word “psithurism,” which means “the sound of rustling leaves.”

I’m a Linh K Vu, a 19-year-old Viet girl, currently studying Fashion in the Netherlands. Art is my main life source so I try to find ways to create and express myself creatively. On a nice Wednesday afternoon, you might see me running across campus coffee in one hand, half-eaten sandwich on the other. On a cool Saturday night, you might see me chilling and drinking at a friend’s house, or staring at the night sky looking for Ursa Minor or Orion.

I am the owner of an online clothing store called Psithuria

For more details about my work, please check out my Linh Vu CV

This blog is going be eclectic and whimsical. You will see posts about clothes, places, my thoughts, and whatever my head can think of.

I give you my sincerest thank for checking this blog out and I hope you have a great day. 



Live freely. Sing loudly. Love hard. 


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