My Favourite Cafes

I’m a walking bottle of nostalgia. I always keep with me memories from random places that I frequent; and the majority of those places are cafe. Of all the cafes I’ve been to, the ones in my hometown always got my heart. I still recall many early summer mornings, sitting alone, drinking freshly grounded coffee in a cozy corner; I remember glancing out the window down on Hanoi busy streets, while chatting over coffee with my friends; I remember drawing, writing, reading, loving.

There are many other favourite comfort zones I wish to include like Xofa cafe (which I go almost every night), Mayfair (which I go almost every morning), Cabine, etc, but I couldn’t find any photos of them. So here are some of my favourites in no particular order.

Hope you enjoy!

+ Hanoi:

I know it’s arguable for a lot of people but Cong Caphe truly has my heart the most (but only specifically the one on Nha Tho street, not any other branch). I enjoy its slightly overpriced drinks. The retro vibe and interior calm me. I’ve made so many memories of seeing old friends, meeting new friends, hiding from people here. And let’s not forget all the time I tried to study but ended up people-watching and drawing the whole day. CongcpaheCongcpahe1

Known for being very photogenic, E.Tea is more of a place for photoshoots to me than for drinks or hangouts. Its perfect natural light and cute interior got me coming back. E.TeaProcessed with VSCO with c6 presetE.Tea2

Same reason for Jouri. Jouri dessert & tea2Jouri dessert & tea21

Tranquil. What a lovely little gem in the middle of a hectic city. Great books. A very lovely owner :).
I don’t have to say much other than I’ll definitely be coming back here.TranquilTranquil2

Vintage 1976 cafe on Dinh Le street always gives me a warm and cozy vibe with its decor and lovely street view. Dinh Le is my most favourite street to linger around, looking at books.
Vintage 1975

Hanoi Time has the dream location on Dinh Tien Hoang street. Its window from the second floor looks straight to Hoan Kiem lake which I can really appreciate. I’m always a sucker for the old Hanoi look and Hanoi Time did a great job at decorating it. hanoitime

My favourite lounging place of all time has to be Mayfair. I’m obsessed with Dinh Le street and its books and Mayfair lies right on the perfect corner of the tiny street. They also make  great ice coffee and avocado smoothie.


The Skyline bar situates on the 8th floor of a hotel on Gia Ngu street. Drinks are quite overpriced but the amazing city view and beautiful outdoor seating totally make up for it. Skyline

+ Saigon:

I’m sure I’m still missing out a lot on Saigon cafes but I haven’t been there long enough to explore all the nooks and crannies. But no worries, I’ll see you again this summer Saigon. I’m still in love.

Pacey cupcakePacey cupcake2ngsaigonProcessed with VSCO with c6 presetngsaigon2


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