90s Fashion Project

I created this process book as a part of my application to Amsterdam Fashion Institute, which is where I’ll be going for the next few years. I have always been fascinated with decades and the way history shows itself through fashion and art movements. The 90s possesses diverse and interesting fashion trends due to tremendous social and political changes (digital culture, globalization, civil rights, etc). It also gave birth to some of my most favourite art movements: Minimalism, Conceptual, especially Installation Art. Unlike the 80s elaborate and flashy fashion, the 90s introduced an “anti-conformist” approach such as grunge, casual chic, tattoos, piercings. After all, it is the decade that I can relate to the most.
There is much more to be said about this incredibly interesting decade. But for now, please excuse my handwriting and hope you guys enjoy!

PicMonkey CollagePage2Page5PicMonkey CollagePage7Page8


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