Boston Bound

Took a spontaneous 1-hour bus ride to Boston and a spontaneous photoshoot at my friend’s Airbnb house today. I finally got the shawl cardigan from American Apparel that I had wanted to get for years so I felt obligated to share and appreciate how amazing it is. Fair warning: the cardigan might not totally go with this particular outfit but I since this is an unplanned trip, it’s the only outfit I have.

I love unplanned travels. When it comes to something serious like your schooling career or job, it’s probably better to get your life together and have your schedules organized. But when it comes to traveling, relax and let your heart decide what it wants to do and where it wants to go. (In my case, my heart chose to spend all my money on clothes. But that’s okay because fashion is art. One simply doesn’t regret spending money on art).

Hope you guys enjoy.

Have a good day!



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2 thoughts on “Boston Bound

  1. Beautiful Linh! I enjoyed reading your latest post in uh..forever! But, anyways wonderful job and may I say your American Apparel clothing hauls are my absolute favourite! Thank you for sharing with everyone your fashion style and life! Lots of love, Jenna

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