Little Seoul + OOTD

Okay. I feel the need to post something today since my friend a.k.a sister a.k.a travel companion lost both of her wallet (equals credit cards and important papers) and phone today after we went on a freaking 2-hour train from Boston, MA to Providence, RI to visit Brown University. It has not been our day today. We even dressed up to take OOTD photos for this blog post but were too tired to do anything so we strutted our way straight to Chinatown and had four bowls of Pho and laughed like maniacs on the way home.

Anyway, putting the negavity aside, for the last two days in MA, me and my friend went to Little Seoul and had divine Korean feasts. It was raining so hard the second day we were in Koreatown so we just randomly chose a restaurant called Myung Dong. We had a total blast and the food was heavenly. After that we went to a super cool, quirky looking cafe-slash-restaurant to have grilled ribs because to eat is an adventure. My mouth keeps watering just thinking about them right now. Enjoy the food porn guys!

Have a nice day.



afterlight-2afterlight-6afterlightafterlight-4afterlight-1afterlight-7photo 2photo 3afterlight-3afterlight-5photo 1 

A selfie of us to make our life easier. photo-1


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